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The Strategic Research & Development Institute (SRDI) is a collective of academics, engineers, computer scientists, data scientists, and business professionals with an interest in scientific research, product development, and training on complex technological areas such as:

  • Embedded and Large-Scale Distributed systems
  • High-Integrity, Deterministic, and Safety-Critical Systems
  • Low-Latency Communication Middleware
  • System, Network, and Device Security
  • Military Land-Systems (Electronic Architectures, High-Integrity, Security, Standardisation)

SRDI is available for private R&D contracts, consultancy services, and for government funded research programmes collaborations with academia and industry partners.

SRDI's primary objective is to conduct efficient and agile R&D on specialised topics while delivering meaningful outputs in continuous incremental fragments, allowing flexibility and fine-grained programme management. R&D is inherently unpredictable and legacy R&D programme methodologies can allocate a lot of investment trying fruitlessly to define that unpredictability.

SRDI's approach mitigates the effects of the R&D process' unpredictability by giving priority into achieving intermediate short-term and quantifiably meaningful outputs, instead of focusing on a single high-reaching final target that was speculatively conceived at the start of the research programme. SRDI's methodology is based on small step incremental developments, rapid and continuous reevaluation of the short term and long term objectives and agile adjustment of the work, and the insight of reevaluating or even terminating a programme if it deviates from its core technical and financial conditions.

The SRDI members are primarily based in the UK and EU, with commercial presence in UK, Switzerland, Greece, and Cyprus.