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Project Site: http://p7rb3czbi7imurr4sv7zvjewq4lwq3jzt6wndotv2zmwegvsz6pgcsyd.onion:23465/
Project Twitter: @SDVCON

SDVCON is a functional online testbed for crowd-sourced evaluation of network architectures and communication protocols. It is currently used to evaluate developed components of the SDV, xNET, and MilCAN-A Security projects.

Current implemented features include:

  • Pub/Sub based communication
  • Data Model definition with “active objects”
  • Topic based communication
    • Dynamic changing of Topic configuration and encryption keys at start-up and periodically at runtime
  • CAN emulation for development and safety & security testing
  • Fully encrypted data packets
    • No exposed headers
    • AES-256 with obfuscated and hidden IV
    • SPECK for CAN frames
  • Access control
    • Certificate based Node access control
    • Topic Reader/Writer access control lists